What we do

Our Norwegian Story celebrates Dumfries’ connection with Norway as a significant part of its history from WWII and beyond.

This is a collection of stories, memories and events that have brought us through themes of Exile, Journey, Refuge, Friendship, Family and Celebration.

Our journey so far that we hope will continue to grow and be added to.

Where we are

Dumfries is a university town in south west Scotland that lies within the picturesque region of Dumfries and Galloway.

588 miles from the former whaler town of Sandfejord and 495 miles from Bergen (as the crow flies).  It has faced the tests of change but has much to offer.

Join us

Leave a story or memory on our map to help grow our archive of less remembered tales.

Share your own activity on our News Feed or keep up to date with events celebrating our Norwegian connections to enjoy the best of what Dumfries has to offer.


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