Dumfries Town Trails

  • Railway Station
  • Football Fields
  • Norway House
  • Rosefield Mills
  • Troqueer Church/Cemetary
  •  St Michaels Church

Southward Walk

Start at Dumfries Station where you can arrive by rail or use the car park, then make your way towards the river along Lovers Walk, an old tenement street of Dumfries.  Turn right along Edinburgh Rd for only a little way and look across the river to one of the places used for football by our Norwegian visitors and local teams.  Then turn back to continue into town along Edinburgh Rd southward until you come to Greyfriars Kirk, opposite which you will see the original building of what was Ottons Restaraunt and the place that Norway House used to sit next to it.

The Mills Walk

Starting at St Michael’s Church on St Michaels St walk down towards the river Nith and across St Michaels Bridge up to Troqueer Rd, the walk of so many Norwegians first arriving into Dumfries.  Turn left along Troqueer until you come to the old frontage of Rosefield Mills.  The Banken (a private house used as the Norwegian Bank) also sat along this terrace.  Continue up to explore the grounds of Troqueer Church, from here you can walk straight down to the river side and turn left to get a close up of the river frontage of the old Mills or right to head over the suspension bridge and through Dock Park to view from the other side.

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